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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  August 13, 2016 3:19pm-5:21pm EDT

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additionally, it will increase federal, state and local tax revenue by almost $6 trillion over four decades. increase total economic activity by more than $20 trillion over the next 40 years. the reforms i have outlined today are only the beginning. when we reformed our tax, trade, energy and regulatory policies, we will open a new chapter in american prosperity, which is so desperately needed. we need a new chapter. we can use this new wealth to rebuild our military which is desperately needed and our infrastructure. as part of this new future, we will also be rolling out proposals to increase choice and reduce cost in childcare, offering much-needed relief to american families. they are suffering. we are going to get them as much
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needed relief. i will unveil -- thank you. i will unveil my plan on this in the coming weeks that i have been working on with my daughter, ivanka, who is here. [cheering and applause] stand up. she feels so strongly about this. and an incredible team of experts. likewise, our education reforms will help parents send their kids to a school of the work -- of their choice. it will be so good for detroit. we will also give our police and law enforcement the funds in support they need to restore law and order to this country. [applause and cheering]
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thank you. without security, there can be no prosperity. [shouting] [crowd boos] mr. trump: without security, there can be no prosperity. we must have law and order. we must have law and order. [applause and cheering] by the way, our police in this country are really unrecognized for the incredible job that they do.
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thank you. [applause] in the coming days, we will be rolling out plans on all of these items. one of my first acts as president will be to repeal and replace disastrous obamacare, saving another 200 million american jobs. [cheering and applause] we will also rebuild our military and get our allies to pay their fair share for the protection we provide to them, saving us countless more billions of dollars to invest in our own country. [applause] we also have a plan on our
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website for complete reform of the veterans administration. [applause] this is something so desperately needed, to make sure our that's -- vets are supported and get the care they deserve, which they have not been getting, not even close. [applause] detroit, the motor city, will come roaring back. [cheering and applause] roaring back. we will offer a new future, not this same old failed policies of the past. our party has chosen to make new history by selecting a nominee from the outside, and that is
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outside of the very, already proven rigged system. the other party has reached backward into the past to choose a nominee from yesterday who offers only the rhetoric of yesterday and the policies of yesterday. take a look at what happened to new york state manufacturing and take a look at her promises before this happened. there will be no change under hillary clinton, only four more years of weakness and president obama. we are going to look boldly into the future. we will build the next generation of roads, bridges, railways, titles, seaports and airports.
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that is what our country deserves. american cars will travel the roads. american planes will connect our cities. american ships will patrol the seas. [applause] american steel -- steel! -- will send new skyscrapers soaring all over our country. we will put new, american metal into the spine of this nation. [applause] it will be american hands that rebuild this country, and it will be american energy mind -- american energy mined from
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american sources that powers this country. it will be american workers who are hired to do the job. americanism, not globalism, will be our new credo. our country will reach amazing new heights, maybe heights never obtained before. all we have to do is stop relying on the tired voices of the past. we can fix a rigged system by relying on the people and just remember, this is so important, we are reliant on people. we can't fix it if we rely on those people. we can't solve that problem. [applause]
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we can't solve our problems if we are going to just go back and rely on these politicians, because that is what we have been doing. only by changing to new leadership and new solutions will we get new and great results. thank you. we need to stop believing in politicians and start believing in our great country. [applause] before everything great that has happened, the doubters have always said it could not be done. they say it right now, it could not be done. they actually said it when i ran for political office, not going to happen. it happened.
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america is ready to prove the doubters wrong. they want you to think small. i am asking you to think big. we are ready to dream great things for our country, once again. we are ready to show the world that america is back, bigger and better and stronger than ever before. thank you very much and god bless you. thank you very much. [cheering and applause] thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, ladies and
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gentlemen. i want to apologize to all of you and certainly to mr. trump for the disruptions. that is not -- as i hope all of you know -- what the detroit economic club is all about. so, we will do follow-ups, and nobody will be allowed back in any of our meetings that behaves that way. so, my apologies to you. note, how awesome that governor pence came today, along with mr. trump. thank you. a great job as presiding officer. if you would like to join us up for lunch, we have a strolling lunch. the food is around the next ballroom and you can eat in the
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atrium. outside on the patio. it is a beautiful day. they keep are coming. with that, this meeting is adjourned. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> from monday at the detroit economic club, eighth -- speech by donald trump laying out his economic proposals, and in a few minutes we will show you hillary clinton, the democratic nominee. she was all -- also in michigan, warren, michigan, and laid out her thoughts on the economy and job growth. we will show that in a few minutes. first, your thoughts on the on -- on the presidential race and economy. the phone numbers, republicans --
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you can tweet us at c-span or leave a comment on the facebook page. our -- your comments, which candidate is best for the economy. we will take those calls. first, a preview of hillary clinton's remarks can we'll get a two-minute glimpse of her remarks in one, michigan now, and then take your calls. secretary clinton: i will stop any trade deal that holds down wages, including the transpacific partnership. [applause] clinton: i oppose it now, i'll oppose it after the election, and i'll oppose it as president. as a senator from new york, i am going to defend new york manufacturers and steelmakers from unfair chinese trading
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practices. i opposed the only multilateral trade deal that came before the senate while i was there because it did not meet my high bar. as secretary of state i fought hard for american businesses to get a fair shot around the world end to stop -- and to stop underhanded trading practices like currency manipulation and theft of intellectual property. as president i will stand up to china and anyone else who tries to take advantage of american workers and companies. [applause] secretary clinton: and i am going to ramp up enforcement by appointing for the first time a cheap trade prosecutor. i will triple the number of enforcement officers, and when countries break the rules, we will not hesitate to impose
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targeted tariffs. [applause] clinton: now, mr. trump may talk of big game on trade but his approach is based on fear, not strength. fear that we cannot compete with the rest of the world, even when rules are fair. fear that our country has no choice but to hide behind walls. if team usa was as fearful as trump, michael phelps and simone biles would be cowering in the locker room afraid to come out to compete. [applause] >> hillary clinton in warren, michigan, on thursday. her remarks on the economy and job growth. we will show you that entire speech, that event in about 10, 15 minutes. you saw donald trump wrapping up
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his remarks at the detroit economic club. that was also this week. now we would like to hear from you on what you think -- or who you think, rather, the best presidential candidate would be for the economy. is it donald trump, hillary clinton, someone else? maybe gary johnson, or green party nominee jill stein. david, callingto us from hollywood, florida, on the independents line. hi, david. caller: hi, how are you? >> good. caller: i believe hillary clinton has a better chance of an economic recovery. >> why is that? caller: trump does not have a set plan. he is making hostile -- comments. has just run a
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construction business. he doesn't know anything at all and he does not have experience to consider him as president. on top of it, look at his ancestry -- his grandfather was working in the second world war in hitler's army. should we call him a nazi? calling names in this kind of race is nothing but downgrading the ability to be president. he is also saying good things about putin. the guy is a blazing idiot, as far as my concern. are you goal -- going to go ahead and praise the friendship between himmler and mussolini -- is he considering himself hitler's and comparing to guys like mussolini? you know putin's background, the facts and figures. the guy has a trail of seven or eight bankruptcies. if you have any intellectual common sense, when people filing
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bankruptcy, they had a failed business plan that will not pay people. you can not run the democratic world without take care of the people. host: we will move on and get some other colors and their thoughts. a democratic caller from spring hill, florida. elizabeth joining us. caller: hi, i just wanted to say why is -- this time hillary clinton is going to be a good president. she knows what to do in the -- he does notp have any credit on his own right now. he only works with money. maybe he knows something about u.s. history. hillary basically knows about everything. she used to be mrs. clinton. i do not get it -- why does trop such an idiot when he
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knows he cannot be the president of the united states. host: let's get a republican point of view from john. petersburg, in alaska. host: my mistake. southeast, on in an island, and there are not many people here, but i have to travel south to get medical attention here and there. i am in my 60's. i went to seattle a few weeks ago and i was amazed how many people were living under the i wass -- seattle, and born in seattle a long time ago. what i am getting at is more people from other countries were working in the hospitals, and the people that are in -- from this country are living out on the street. don't get me wrong. i understand some of them cannot hold a job down. this is ridiculous.
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we are spending too much money on trying to take care of things that, you know, will take care of itself. we do not need to keep bringing more and more problems until we solve our own problems. as far as taxes, it is crazy. up here we pay four dollars a gallon for gas, and this is where they pump the stuff out here. we get along and we do it we have to do a pure. now, since the democrats have been in office the last eight years, the heroine problem around the country is terrible. it is dirt cheap. where does it come from? they allow these guys to come across the border. the coyotes pay them money to bring them into america and therefore they have to bring the drugs into america. our policies have been to back off on those coming across the border. that is terrible.
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we're just ruining our society here. somebody needs to put their foot down and say this is enough. donald trump or not, we need new blood in there. we do not need the same old people that have been scheming off the system, making money for their friends. we need to bring some new blood in and change things. that is pretty much all i have to say, sir. host: thanks for calling, john. let's get a call from mark in amarillo, texas, on the line for independents. mark, who do you think is the best candidate for the economy? caller: i think trump would be the only viable candidate for people that look and see what hillary is going through and has gone through. for people to question somebody that is new that has no ties to anybody up there -- we need a clean slate. it needs to be wiped clean. it needs to start over, and somebody that works entirely for
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americans to make america strong again. you know, look back at this current administration, and it has been disastrous. was so right.r look at the v.a. look at everything that has gone on. nothing is gotten easier, and everything has gotten harder. so, we need a clean slate. we need a fresh start. people are afraid of trump because he makes bold statements, but he is a bold person. host: thanks for that call, mark. this tweet from a viewer, the knowledgegardeninc. remember, you can tweet us as well. joe joins us. another texas caller. this time on the democratic
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line. hi, joe. caller: hello, and i will start with hillary clinton. she is the best person for the presidency, and the only thing wrong with hillary clinton is that them republicans have been after her for the last 30 years or so. they was after her when bill clinton was running for the president the first time. they have been trying to gather up information to hurt the opposition with a passion. they did everything they could do to run bill clinton into the ground. they did everything they could do to run hillary into the ground, and they have not let up. and about all of this other stuff they are trying to pile up on hillary, all i really have to say about all that is either put up, or shut up. she has no secret on how to
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evade the law, no more than anybody else does. and if she did anything illegal, that those well republicans would make sure she is behind bars. host: that is joe in texas. thanks for that call. hillary clinton just started a podcast that follows the campaign with hillary clinton, tim kaine, and staff members. -- podcast is now available just launched. it is called "with her" following the hillary clinton campaign, the democratic nominee. more of your calls on the economy and who you think the best presidential candidate would be for the economy. is it -- caller: -- host: you are in oklahoma on the republican line. go ahead. caller: yes, first of all, i think black people have
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forgotten about their ancestors being slaves, and it we get hillary in, we will have another obama, and i think donald trump has a backbone. .e will do what he says my brother was in the service in the amount, and he just rarely draws enough money to live on. , but it iske a hobo barely enough to live on because that is how he survives. host: i think i cut you off there. i'm sorry. a little pause between sentences, and quick on my trigger finger. my apologies. dorothy joins us from millbrook, new york, on the independents line. dorothy, what you think -- who would be the best candidate for the economy? caller: at this point it is a very tough decision. hillary clinton has -- her
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decisions have been terrible, and everyone -- the american public has to realize -- they have to recognize and acknowledge what she has done. it seems like we are all blinded by her campaign, and hey, good for her. if she gets in it is because of the stupidity of the american people. -- it wasn't america's point when they were killed. she left the white house broke. worthears later, she is $400 million -- how does she make that money? hasn't thatsay she she feels for the working man when she hasn't driven a car in over 30 years? she has not worked a day in her
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life. she does not care for us to she just wants to win. why was she cordoned off when she first started to campaign so no reporter could talk to her? america, please wake up. this campaign -- she is just unbelievable the way she is running the campaign. she doesn't want to be talked to, questioned. she runs away. people are there protecting her. i don't know why. it is a tough decision, but i'm certainly not going to vote for her. host: all right, st. petersburg, florida, dora on the democrats line. caller: yes, how are you? host: good. caller: i feel hillary is the best person for the economy, and i do not know why they are hard on hillary when she did a lot when she came out of high school, coming around the country helping people. that is not the point. she will be the best president. number one, george bush put us in the war.
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stay off of hillary. -- are giving obama and hard time, the house and the senate. host: thanks for calling. janet in kentucky on the republican line. go ahead. caller: yes, all i have got to save people need to realize first of all donald trump is not a politician. he is a man that speaks his word. he tries to be a bully, you might as well say, because the simple fact that that is how he did business. that is what america needs, someone that is bullish, enough to get the economy out of this mess. there are seven factories around left our city that have the united states because of all a,is stuff going on with naft and i believe if a company was to the point where they could run a business in this area, all these buildings around here that have emptied out would be filled with companies that used to be
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in the 2000's. most of them left in 2004 -- that right there tells you right after all of this started was when the factories pulled out, and i feel trump would be the best person for the united states to get these jobs back in this country. that is what the united states needs. the man talking about the people underneath the bridges -- people need jobs, and these children that we are raising around here, most of them are on -- they are not even looking for jobs because there are no jobs here. they are having to leave the area or go back to school, which will put them in debt. i feel the jobs is the answer for the united states. host: thanks for that call, janet. appreciate that call and all of your calls this afternoon. a reminder that our guest on "newsmakers" is libertarian presidential gary johnson.
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"newsmakers" sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span, and also on c-span radio and our road to the white house coverage continues on monday with an event with democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. she will be joined by vice president joe biden in scranton, pennsylvania, on monday, at 12:45 p.m. eastern time live here on c-span. a reminder, great way to follow campaign 2016 is with the c-span pp, where you get the audio feeds of c-span2, c-span3, and sees in radio, of course. phones available for your or tablet. now, as promised, we will bring you the entire event with hillary clinton, the democratic presidential nominee from thursday. mrs. clinton was in warren, michigan, to talk about the economy and job growth.
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[applause] sec. clinton: thank you. thank you so much. i have to tell you i am thrilled to be here for a number of reasons. first, it is wonderful to be back in michigan and you can really feel the energy and dynamism that is driving this state's come back. in detroit, we have got new businesses opening, neighborhoods like midtown and eastern market are coming back. the auto industry just had it best year ever. [cheers and applause] sec. clinton: over in ann arbor, high-tech firms are thriving. the next generation of engineers are getting trained, and here, you are on the front lines of what i believe will be a true
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manufacturing renaissance in america. [applause] sec. clinton: i just was given a short but exciting tour by mark and john who were telling me about how this company was started as and for most of its early history, was an auto supply company. then in 2000 as the market began to change and some of the auto companies began to realign, they were faced with a choice. we all face choices in life, don't we? this company could have just said, hey, you know, our business is not going to be what it was. we have got to just pulled up and let's just kind of quit. but
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that is not what happened here. what happened here is what happened across america. you are in now what is largely an aerospace company. [applause] mrs. clinton: and because of the [applause] sec. clinton: and because of the workforce and the work ethic, and the commitment of the future you are seeing the future unfold. so i got to see what is happening here, to help build the rocket that is going to go to mars. [applause] sec. clinton: i saw the two halves of an f 35 nosecone waiting to be put together.
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i talked with some of the workers about the absolute perfection that is required to do this work. what i believe with all my heart is what is happening here can happen in so many places if we put our minds to it, if we supported mass manufacturing, if we are the kind of country that once again understand how important it is to build things. we are builders who need to get back to building. [applause] sec. clinton: so, we are making progress. none of us can be satisfied until it reaches every community, but it is inspiring to see this combination of old-fashioned hard work and cutting-edge innovation. i know my opponent in this
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election was here in michigan about one week ago, and it was like he was in a good place. when he visited detroit on monday, he talked only of failure, poverty, and crime. about whatng so much makes michigan so great. and the same is true to our country. he describes america as an embarrassment. a third"we are becoming world country. look around you, my friend. go visit with the builders building rockets. that doesn't happen in third world countries. now, we have a lot of urgent and important work to do, and that is what i'm going to talk about today, because all of the people
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i have throughout this campaign really how long negative, pessimistic is. america west days are still ahead of us if we make up our minds to go out and take that happen. [applause] askedlinton: sooner our -- we have the most dynamic, for the workforce in the world, bar none. we have the most innovative businesses, top colleges, universities, community colleges, training programs in the world, and the best science technology. we have enormous capacity and resilient,uction, determined, hard-working.
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there is nothing america cannot do if we do it together. i know this because this is how i was raised. and i don't think mr. trump understand any of it. he has not offered any credible solutions to the very real economic challenges we face. now, those challenges emerged long before the great recession and they have persisted through our recovery. there is too much inequality, too little upward mobility. it is just too hard to get ahead today. but there are common sense things your government could do that would give americans more opportunities to succeed. why don't we do it? because powerful special interests and the tendency to put ideology ahead of political progress have led to gridlock in congress.
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and how can you not be frustrated and angry when you see nothing getting done? a lot of people feel that no one is on their side and no one is on their back. that is not how it is supposed to be in america. if i am fortunate enough to be your president, i will have your back every single day that i serve. [applause] sec. clinton: my mission in the white house will be to make our economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. this is personal for me. i am the product of the american middle class. i was born in chicago, raised in a suburb. but my grandfather worked at the scranton mill in scranton, pennsylvania, for 50 years. because he worked hard, my dad was able to go to college and eventually start his own small
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business, and send me out into the world to follow my own dreams. no matter how far those dreams have taken me, i have always remembered i the daughter of a am small business owner and the granddaughter of a factory owner and proud of both. [cheers] sec. clinton: here is what i want, i want every american family to be able to tell the same story. if you work hard, do your part, you should be able to give your children all of the opportunities they deserve. that is the basic bargain of america. now, whether we will be able to renew that bargain on even better terms for the 21st century, it depends in large measure on the outcome of this election. here are four questions i hope the american people will ask of
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both candidates. and that the answers should help make your choice in november crystal clear. first, which candidate has a real plan to create good paying jobs? second, who will restore fairness to the economy and ensure that those at the top pay their fair share of taxes? [applause] sec. clinton: third, who will really go to bat for working families and forth, who can bring people together to deliver the results that will make a difference in your lives? [applause] now i hope that after giving a fair hearing to both sides, you will join the millions of people across our
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country supporting this campaign. not just democrats but a growing number of republicans and independents as well. when it comes to creating jobs, i would argue it's not even close. even conservative experts say trump's agenda will pull our economy back into a recession. according to an independent analysis by former economic adviser to senator john mccain, if you add up all of trump's ideas from cutting taxes for the wealthy to starting a trade war with china to deporting millions of hard-working immigrants, the result would be a loss of 3.4 million jobs. [booing] sec. clinton: -- now, by contrast, the same
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analyst found that our plan, the economy would create more than 10 million new jobs. [applause] mrs. clinton: let me tell you how we would do that. i believe every american willing to work hard should be able to find a job and decent pay back -- that can support a family. starting on day one, we will work with both parties to pass the biggest investment in new, good paying jobs, since world war two. [applause] we will put: americans to work, building and modernizing our roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, airports. [applause] mrs. clinton: we are way overdue for this, my friends.
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we are living off of the investments made by our parents and grandparents' generation. we will also help cities like detroit and flint connect underserved neighborhoods to opportunity expanding affordable housing, and we will repair schools and failing water systems as well. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: you know, i happen to think we should be ambitious. while we're at it, we should connect every household in america to broadband by the year 2020. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: it is astonishing to me how many places in america, not way far away from cities, but in cities, and near cities, that do not have access to broadband.
4:02 pm
that disadvantages kids who are asked to do homework using the internet. of them live 5 million at homes without access to the internet. so you talk about the achievement gap, it starts right there. and let's build a cleaner and more resilient power grid with enough renewable energy to power every home in our country as well. [applause] mrs. clinton: some country is going to be the clean energy superpower of the 21st century and create millions of jobs and businesses. it's probably going to be either china, germany or america. i want it to be us. >> we should invest in technology, make it, use it, and export it, which will help us grow our economy.
4:03 pm
and here is something you do not always hear enough of from democrats. a big part of our plan will be unleashing the power of the private sector to create more jobs at higher pay. that means, for us, creating an infrastructure bank to get private funds off the sidelines and complement our private investments. $25 billion in government funding could unlock more than $250 billion and really get our country moving on our infrastructure plan. and we are going to invest $10 billion in what we call make it in america partnership to support american manufacturing and recommit to the scientific research that can create entire new industries. [applause] mrs. clinton: when mark and john
4:04 pm
were given me the tour i was talking to some of the workers along the way, and asking them were some of the precision machinery came from that is being used here, it is what i hear all over the country. germany, japan, italy. i want to bring that precision manufacturing back to the united states. there is no reason we cannot begin to make those machines ourselves and supply the rest of the world instead of buying from somewhere else. [applause] mrs. clinton: let's also expand incentives like the new market tax credit that can bring businesses, government, and communities together to create good jobs and places that will be left out and left behind. from neglected neighborhoods in detroit and flint to logging country, coal country, native american communities, from rural areas ravaged by
4:05 pm
addiction and lost jobs, to industrial regions hollowed out when factories closed. as president, i will also make a major push to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs. [applause] mrs. clinton: with new national initiatives to cut red tape at every level and expand access to credit, especially through community banks and credit unions. i will propose a new plan to dramatically simplify tax filing for small businesses. [applause] mrs. clinton: right now, the smallest businesses, the kind my dad had, it was a really small business, spent 20 times more per employee to prepare their taxes compared to larger companies. it should be as easy as printing out a bank statement.
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let's free entrepreneurs to do what they do best. in, grow, and hire. as mark said, this company started because of a drive down a road and thinking about it and talking about it, and then seeing one of the old oldsmobiles, and saying, i have a name. in america, if you can dream it you should be able to build it. ,and we are going to get back to doing that. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: now donald trump has a different view. he has made a career out of stiffing small businesses, from atlantic city to las vegas. there are companies that were left hanging because he refused to pay their bills. a lot of those companies scraped together what they could to pay their employees, and many of
4:07 pm
them put their businesses at risk and some of them ended up taking bankruptcies. it was not because trump could not pay them, it is because he would not pay them. that is why i take it personally. my dad ran a printing plant. he had two really long tables. he printed fabric for draperies. he would lay out the fabric and then would take a silkscreen and he would go down the table and put the silkscreen down, pour the paint in, take the squeegee, go across the screen, lift it up, go down, all the way at the and, and he would work hard. at the end, he would load it into his car and take it to the business that had ordered it. maybe a restaurant or a hotel or some office. he expected to be paid when he
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showed up. he did the work. he paid for the supplies and for the labor that he often hired to help him on big jobs. he expected to be paid. i cannot imagine what would've happened to my father and his business if he had gotten a contract from trump. and showing up and submitting his bill, had been told, we are not going to pay. and if you do not like it, sue us. my father could never have sued a big organization like that. i just do not understand it. i have met all kinds of workers, painters, plumbers. i have met small businesses that provided pianos, and glass, and marble. all of whom were denied payment,
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and after going back time and again and being told, maybe we will pay you $.30 on the dollar or $.50 on the dollar, that is not how we do business in america. we have got to create more good jobs that are going to help more people. for example, our modern service economy is empowering consumers with more choices and greater flexibility. but we do have to and power the workers in our service sector, too. the people taking care of our children and our parents, they deserve a good wage and good benefits and a secure retirement. [applause] mrs. clinton: and it is crucial that every american have access to the education and skills they need to get the jobs in the future. so we will fight to make college tuition-free for the middle class, and debt-free for everyone. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: we will also liberate millions
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of people who already have student debt by making it easier to refinance and repay what you owe as a portion of your income so you do not have to pay more than you can afford. it is just not right the donald trump can ignore his debt but students and families cannot refinance their debt. here's something else that i really want to emphasize. i don't think anyone in america is talking about this enough, and that is, a four-year degree should not be the only path to a good job in america. [cheers] [applause] mrs. clinton: you should be able to learn a skill, practice a trade, make a good living doing it. so many americans have the talent and the will to succeed, whether their kid is right at a -- right out of high school or
4:11 pm
older people displaced by automation and outsourcing. for too long, big promises about the power of training and re-training have not delivered like they should. it doesn't help anybody to be trained for a job that does not exist. here is what we are going to do. we will support high-quality union training programs. [applause] we will propose new tax credits to encourage more companies to offer paid apprenticeships that let you earn while you learn. we will do more, including a national campaign to dignify skills training across the board. i think we have to reverse what has become a kind of commonplace view, which is everybody needs to go to college. well, in fact, more than half of
4:12 pm
the jobs that will be available in 2020 do not require a college four-year degree. for welders and machinists and health technicians and so many others, let's get the word out, there are really good jobs for people right now, and there will be more in the future if you get the skills in high school at a community college, apprenticeship program or other training program. [cheers] mrs. clinton: and i want to acknowledge the great role that the community college here has played in working with companies like this one to make sure people do have the skills. now, i imagine some of you might be thinking that all sounds good, but what about trade?
4:13 pm
after all, trump talks about it all the time. well let's start with this, it is true that too often, past trade deals have been sold to the american people with rosy scenarios that did not pan out. those promises now ring hollow in many communities across michigan and our country that have seen factories close and jobs disappear. too many companies lobbied for trade deals so they could sell product abroad but then they instead moved abroad and sold back into the united states. it is also true that china and other countries have cheated the for toogamed the system long. enforcement, particularly during the bush administration has been too lax. investments at home that would make us more competitive have
4:14 pm
been completely blocked in congress. and american workers and communities have paid the price. but the answer is not to rant and rave or cut ourselves off from the world. that would kill even more jobs. the answer is to finally make trade work for us, not against us. [applause] mrs. clinton: so my message to every worker in michigan and across america is this: i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages, including the transpacific partnership. [cheers] [applause] mrs. clinton: i oppose it now, i'll oppose it after the election, and i'll oppose it as president. as a senator from new york, i fought to defend new york manufacturers and steelmakers from unfair chinese trading practices. and i opposed the only
4:15 pm
multilateral trade deal that came before the senate while i was there because it did not meet my high bar. as secretary of state i fought hard for american businesses to get a fair shot around the world and to stop underhanded trading practices like currency manipulation and theft of intellectual property. as president i will stand up to , china and anyone else who tries to take advantage of american workers and companies. [applause] and i am going to ramp up enforcement by appointing for the first time a cheap trade , prosecutor. i will triple the number of enforcement officers, and when countries break the rules, we will not hesitate to impose targeted tariffs. [cheers] [applause]
4:16 pm
mrs. clinton: now, mr. trump may talk a big game on trade but his approach is based on fear, not strength. fear that we cannot compete with the rest of the world, even when the rules are fair. fear that our country has no choice but to hide behind walls. if team usa was as fearful as trump, michael phelps and simone biles would be cowering in the locker room, afraid to come out to compete. [cheers] [laughter] mrs. clinton: instead, they are winning gold medals. america is not afraid to compete. right now thousands of michigan , companies are exporting billions of dollars of products around the world. we want them to sell even more and create even more jobs here at home.
4:17 pm
but corporations should not abandon profitable operations here in the united states to move abroad just to give shareholders a quicker return. ceo's, a bigger bonus and unions a weaker hand to play. now, before he tweets -- [laughter] [applause] mrs. clinton: -- about how he is really the one who will put america first in trade, let's remember where trump makes many of his own products, because it sure is not america. [cheers] mrs. clinton: he has made trump ties in china and trump suits in mexico instead of michigan.
4:18 pm
he keeps saying it is not possible to make these things in america anymore, and that is just wrong. so, we created a website. on it we list 100 places across the united states that are already producing similar goods. now one positive thing trump could do to make america great again is to actually make great things in america again. now let's look at the second question again, and that is which candidate will fight for fairness? this is an urgent need. we need to grow the economy and make it fairer. the tide is not rising fast enough and certainly not lifting all boats. since the crash, too many of the gains have gone to the top 1%.
4:19 pm
the rules and incentives in our system reward corporations for putting short-term stock prices and long to -- instead of long-term investment in their workers come a quitman, and research. while corporate profits are at near record high, paychecks for most people have barely budge. incomes are not growing to keep up with the cost of living, prescription drugs, and childcare. i believe every employee to the ceo suite to the factory floor contributes to a business's success. so everybody should share in the rewards. especially those putting in long hours for little pay. so i am encouraging a tax credit to encourage companies to share profits with workers. more broadly, we will fight for a more progressive, more patriotic tax code that puts american jobs first.
4:20 pm
right now, when a corporation outsources jobs in production, it can write off the cost. we must stop that and must make them pay back any tax break they ever received from any level of government in our country. [cheers] and for those that move their headquarters overseas to avoid paying their fair share of taxes they are going to have to pay a new exit tax. if they want go, they will have to pay to go. [cheers] and wall street corporations and the super-rich should finally pay their fair share of taxes. that is why i support the so-called buffet rule. multibillionaire's should not be able to pay a lower tax rate than their secretaries. [applause]
4:21 pm
mrs. clinton: we should also add a new tax on multimillionaires. crackdown on tax gaming by corporations, and close the carried interest loophole, something i have advocated for years. now compare that to what trump says. there is a myth out there that trump will stick it to the rich and powerful, because somehow he is really on the side of the little guy. don't believe it. not when he pledges to rip up basic rules that hold corporations accountable. when he wants to scrap regulations that stop polluters from poisoning the air our children breathe and the water we drink. let insurance companies right theirown rules -- write own rules again. trump would roll back the tough rules we have imposed on the
4:22 pm
financial industry. i will do the opposite. i think we should strengthen those rules so wall street can never wreck main street again. [applause] trump even wants to abolish the consumer financial protection bureau. a new agency that has already returned more than $11 billion to 25 million americans who were taken advantage of by corporations. why would you get rid of that? and then there is trump's tax plan. he would give trillions to money -- trillions in tax cuts to millionaires, wall street money managers, and corporations. that would explode the national debt and eventually lead to massive cuts in priorities like education, health care, and environmental protection. in his speech on monday, he called for a new tax loophole. let's call it the trump loophole
4:23 pm
because it would allow him to pay less than half the current tax rate on income for many of his companies. he would pay a lower rate than millions of middle-class families. one nonpartisan expert at the tax policy center described this plan as a really nice deal, for donald trump. of course, it is hard to say how nice because he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns. [applause] mrs. clinton: but we do know the 400 richest taxpayers in america would get an average tax cut of more than $15 million a year from the trump loophole. then there is the estate tax, which trump wants to eliminate
4:24 pm
altogether. now, if you believe he is as wealthy as he says, that alone would save the trump family $4 billion. it would do nothing for 99.8% of americans. so they would get a $4 billion tax cut and 99.8% of americans would get nothing. just think of what we could do with those $4 billion? we could pay for more than 47,000 veterans to get a four-year college degree. we could provide a years worth of health care to nearly 3 million kids. or we could fund years worth of federal assistance to state and local law enforcement. i think there are a lot of better ways to spend the money. on monday i will be in scranton, pennsylvania with vice president biden. he has a saying, don't tell me what you value, show me your budget and i
4:25 pm
will tell you what you value. [applause] mrs. clinton: well, donald trump wants to give trillions in tax breaks to people like himself. i want to invest it in veterans, our kids, our police officers, and so much more. you can then draw your own conclusion about values. now it is true that both of us have proposed to cut taxes for middle-class families. he is making a big promise, but his advisers have said, his own advisers have said he may , not stand by them. instead, the tax cuts he doubled down on in his speech in detroit on monday offer trillions to the richest americans and corporations. what are the differences between donald trump and me? i am telling you what i will do, i am laying out my plan, and i
4:26 pm
will stand by them, and want you to hold me accountable for delivering results. [applause] mrs. clinton: this all reminds me of the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. that brings us to the third question, which candidate can can you count on to go to bat for workers and working families? it is not enough to pay lip service to being on your side. we have to recognize how americans actually live and work in the 21st century and then offer real solutions that make your lives easier. we know that women are now the sole or primary breadwinner in a growing number of families. we know more americans are cobbling together part-time work or striking out on their own, so we have to make it easier to be good workers, good parents, and good caregivers all at the same time. that is why i have set out a bold vision to make quality,
4:27 pm
affordable childcare available to all americans and limit the cost to 10% of family income. [laughter] mrs. clinton: on monday, trump offered his first real idea on this topic. because previously he dismissed concerns about childcare. he said it was not an expensive thing because you just need some blocks and some swings. now he said he wants to exclude childcare payments from taxation. his plan was panned from the left, right and center because it transparently is designed for rich people. like him. he would give wealthy families $.30 or $.40 on the dollar for their nannies and little or nothing for millions of hard-working families trying to afford childcare so they can get to work and keep the job. [applause] mrs. clinton: i think instead we
4:28 pm
should expand the child tax credit to provide real relief to tens of millions of working families struggling with the costs of raising children. the same families that his plan ignores. a start,is just because the more we do to help working families, the more the entire economy will benefit. for example, guaranteeing equal pay will not just increase paychecks for women, it will boost family budgets and get incomes rising across the board. [applause] mrs. clinton: i don't understand why trump is against that. paid family leave will only make life easier for moms and dads, it will keep skilled, talented americans in the workforce and grow our economy. that is why every other advance -- advanced country already has it. again, he is against it. raising the federal minimum wage will
4:29 pm
not just put more money in the pockets of low income families, it also means they will spend more at the businesses in their neighborhood. [applause] mrs. clinton: this is something that even the original automakers understood way back at the beginning of the 20th century when they decided to pay the unbelievable sum of five dollars a day to auto workers. and when they were criticized by other businesses, having you pay that much? answers, we best want people to be able to buy our cars. this is economics 101. we need to get incomes and wages rising, and it will help the whole economy grow and be fairer. [applause] mrs. clinton: and protecting and expanding social security does not just help older americans retire with dignity, it helps to ease burdens on families and communities.
4:30 pm
and i also believe the same thing about comprehensive immigration reform. we already have millions of people working in the economy and paying $12 billion per year to social security, even though they are undocumented. by moving toward reform, we will unleash a lot of new income and growth, and we will level the playing field so american workers cannot be taken advantage of because undocumented workers can be exploited by employers. which is one of the reasons we have this disconnect. [applause] mrs. clinton: and finally, strengthening unions does not just serve members, it leads to better pay and benefits and working conditions for all employees. [applause] i have also said i
4:31 pm
will defend and improve the affordable care act. for me, that includes giving americans in every state the choice of a public option health insurance plan. that will help everyone afford coverage. it will strengthen competition and drive down costs. now these are all causes i have worked on for decades, and i believe they point to a fundamental truth about our economy. it can seem like zero sum when you are competing for a job, promotion, or contract if someone wins, and someone loses, but that is not the full picture. if you step back, you will see we are all in this together. if we can grow together, we can all rise together. you know what i like to say, we are all stronger together. the the fourth question is key, and it is this: who can bring people together to get any
4:32 pm
any of this done? well, i believe i can because i think i can provide serious, steady leadership that can find common ground and build on it based on hard but respectful bargaining with the other side. leadership that rises above personal attacks and name-calling, not revels in it. [applause] mrs. clinton: i just do not think insults and bullying is how we are to get things done. i don't think that that is the appropriate approach for us. i know it is hard to imagine, but there was a time when democrats and republicans actually worked together. i know that is true. i did it as first lady and senator and secretary of state. it is how we created the children's health insurance program which covers 8 million kids. it is how we rebuilt new york after 9/11.
4:33 pm
and how we passed a treaty, reducing the threat from russian nuclear weapons. i am convinced based on my experience that we can do this. and one of the reasons i asked senator tim kaine to be my running mate is he also has a record of working across the aisle to get things done as a mayor, governor, and senator. we will make full use of the white house's power to convene. we will get everyone at the table, not just republicans and democrats. but businesses and labor unions, academics and experts. but most importantly, american like all of you. [applause] i think there are a lot of great ideas out in america and i want you to have a say in your government and that means we need to get unaccountable money out of politics, overturn citizens united and expand voting rights, not restrict them.
4:34 pm
i intend starting before the election to bring together leaders from across our economy, from a lot of different places to talk about jobs and competitiveness. i hope mark and john can join me, because we need the best ideas that are out there making a difference. we need to pull together. the bottom line is this: i am running for president to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. [applause] mrs. clinton: and based on what we know from the trump campaign, himants america to work for and his friends at the expense of everyone else. he has offered no credible plan to fight what families are up against today, nothing on student loans of the cost of description drugs, nothing for farmers or struggling rural
4:35 pm
communities. nothing to build a new future with clean energy and advance agriculture. nothing for communities of color in our cities to overcome the barriers of systemic racism. nothing to create new opportunities for young people. just a more extreme version of the failed theory of trickle down economics with his own addition of outlandish "trumpian" ideas that even republicans reject. [applause] mrs. clinton: as we heard him say at his convention, he may believe that he alone can fix our country, but clearly he does not know the people of michigan. he does not see the businesses and labor unions, local government and clergy coming together every single day to make things better. yes, there is still a long road ahead, but michigan is on the rise, and everyone is contributing.
4:36 pm
that is america at its best. i hope you will say active and engaged in working together to create jobs and strengthen your own communities. i hope you will work to get out the vote in november. because if we -- [applause] -- if we are able to win, then i want you all to work with me to build the kind of progress that america deserves to see. we will do this together. we are stronger together. let's go out and build the future. [applause] thank you all and god bless you. [cheers]
4:37 pm
♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ recent hacking of e-mails at the dnc come a bloomberg news rights that another set of e-mails were compromised. this time, at the democratic congressional campaign committee. someone by the name of a lucifer released documents of that included passwords, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of congressional staff. nancy pelosi sent a letter to members and their staff, warning them of the situation. the letter reads in part, i have received to scores of mostly of scene and sick calls. phone number my and advise you to do so as well. this is a set course of events, not only for us, but more importantly for our country. the most recent hacking is reportedly under investigation by the fbi, according to several news outlets.
4:38 pm
next, we take a look on the latest on hillary clinton's e-mails as secretary of state from today's "washington journal ." isn'tah westwood investigator with the washington journal. she wants to discuss hillary e-mails, andeased the conflict of interests from her role in the secretary of state, and the clinton foundation. thank you so much for joining us this morning. tell us what we learned in this latest batch of e-mails that were released from hillary clinton and her top aides. these e-mails showed new examples of donors to the clinton foundation going to hillary clinton's team at the state department, asking for favors and jobs, and access. are the types of things that hillary clinton was supposed to avoid when she
4:39 pm
entered into an understanding with the white house, the fact that there were so many of these instances that were not disclosed to the state department in 2014 when she turned over her original e-mails. we learned about them only this week. it raises new questions about whether there was more access, given it to clinton foundation members than previously thought. host: any evidence of actual illegal activity occurring, or simply inappropriate activity? ms. westwood: there has been no evidence of illegal activity. legal document and enforceable, just an agreement. short of breaking any laws, no evidence of that happening, and no consequences she could face, it raises questions about the appropriateness of her actions, and whether they were ethical, and whether she told the truth about the extent to which donors were given preferential treatment at the state department. the state department's
4:40 pm
unwillingness to really look at this has been causing some of her critics a little bit of headaches because the state department is dismissing tooksale any impropriety place without opening up any type of investigation. host: what were some of the barriers that were supposed to be in place, the firewalls, between her role as secretary of state and at the clinton foundation? ms. westwood: first and foremost, the clinton foundation was not supposed to accept foreign donations except from a few key countries. and when they did except foreign donations, they were supposed to disclose them to the state department and have them approved by a board of ethics. it did not happen in all cases, but most cases. as they discovered over the last year, there were some major things not made public. she was not supposed to have any role in the clinton foundation's day-to-day operations. there wasn't supposed to be a
4:41 pm
firewall between her depomed duties and the clinton foundation. , theyou see her top aides chief of staff having the type of involvement that led to as we learned this week, interviewing numbers for top jobs at the foundation, that obviously raises questions about whether closest aidesn's were keeping her breast about what the foundation was doing, and serving as an inappropriate go-between. host: the rnc put up this statement after the release of the e-mails today. reince priebus called the state said there were work-related e-mails she deleted , turned over to the state department, which is now considering not releasing them until after the election. he said she has repeatedly looked into the eyes of the american people and allied to our faces to hide her reckless
4:42 pm
conduct as a secretary of state while furthering her own self-interest. what does the hillary clinton campaign say about the possibility of releasing or even finding these additional e-mails? the hillary clinton campaign would not be involved in this discussion to release them as they are in the custody of the state department. they do not have to answer to the release of the e-mails. aat goes to the frustration lot of republicans and hillary critics are feeling, that the state department has dragged its feet at every opportunity to be transparent about what took place. there are thousands of e-mails that the fbi recovered that are now in the process of being turned over to the state department. longusly, there is a process of going through those and redacting the information before they can get released. some of these groups have a the record would shed
4:43 pm
light on activities that took place, a b they would exonerate or raise questions. the state department is facing a lot of pressure to get these out to the public. you can join in the conversation, as well. if you are listening on c-span radio you can also join in. linean call the republican , democratic line, or independent line. you can also send us a question over social media. we are talking with sarah westwood, investigative reporter at the washington examiner. let's go ahead and take a call from michigan. brian is on the line. caller: i happen to hold a security clearance, operational
4:44 pm
intelligence. when you have a security clearance of a top-secret nature, you are a custodian of materials. have, classified information can be confidential, secret, or top-secret. that is the main thing we are talking about with mrs. clinton. when you are custodian of this material, you treat all streams of the same, whether it be confidential, secret, or top-secret because these classifications change. but as a custodian, and who works in the intelligence field, you know just by looking at the that it is inf, those classifications. so you treat them all the same. this silliness, that it was not labeled or anything such, is just ignorance, dom, lies, , lies,r you want -- dumb
4:45 pm
whatever you want to call it. the reason you get top-secret clearance is because you can handle these materials. she cannot have it both ways. this is high school stuff. you have top-secret clearances right now within your military with 20-year-old. the reason you get all those responsibilities is because they know you can handle it. how you handle it -- ms. westwood: all right, brian from michigan. he made ms. westwood: it clear that hillary clinton was extremely careless with information. the reason he chose not to bring forward criminal charges is because he found no evidence that that information was handled negligently, on purpose. no evidence of criminal intent. he said that he did not feel that based on the evidence that the fbi uncovered, that that was enough to move forward. ,any people feel the same way
4:46 pm
that the rules are not written to require intent to move forward on criminal charges. is a debate for the legal community about whether that is a requirement. take a step back and remind us why these e-mails are being released in the first place, and how these revelations came to light. ms. westwood: these first came to light with the house select committee on benghazi, they were investing what happened in the 2012 terror attack. they went to the state department to request copies of hillary clinton's e-mails, relative to benghazi. and when they could not produce them, they asked questions about, why not? hilleryon was because clinton was using a private e-mail server, set up in her home. the state department went to hillary clinton in 2014 and asked her to turn over all of her work-related e-mails. she had a team of her lawyers go through those e-mails, produce about 30,000 of them to the state department. through the freedom of information act lawsuit filed,
4:47 pm
the state department was forced to start releasing those e-mails on a rolling basis. the ones we have are the ones hillary clinton chose to turn over. there is another 30000 and deleted, saying they were of a personal nature. infbi recovered thousands, its investigation, that it said was not personal or work-related. we are not sure how many, they are in the process of being transferred from the justice department to the state department. those are the e-mails that have yet to come out. of theset is the role groups, how they play into all this? judicial watch is a conservative-leaning group urging the state department to release e-mails right now. they're the one to recover the clinton foundation-related e-mails we're talking about today. has forced six hillary clinton aides into deposition.
4:48 pm
they have been instrumental in extracting information from the state department. the others, they filed a 2012 request through the state department to find the documentation on the number of e-mail addresses hillary clinton was using. now we know there was several. we were told by the state department at times that there was no documentation of any state department use. that response, in the context of new information, has raised a lot of red flags about whether up agency knowingly covered the fact that hillary clinton was using a private e-mail at the time, or if it was just a mistake. host: let's get back to where phone calls, carl from west virginia on the republican line. good morning to you, carl. caller: good morning. , billu folks of their clinton and loretta lynch, -- theyabout grandkids
4:49 pm
have the attorney general working for them. it is just a mess. us aestwood: sarah, give background on the relationship between hillary clinton -- bill clinton and loretta lynch. apparently, the attorney general's plane was on the tarmac, and his, it was an impromptu social media -- meeting. the timing of the meeting, a few days before the fbi exposes investigation of hillary clinton, really tainted that because people thought that the two were meeting. it was an appropriate that the attorney general was about to make a decision on the former president wife about whether she would face criminal charges was meeting with him in secret. and this meeting was supposed to be kept a secret. it was not until a local reporter happened to see the
4:50 pm
meeting on the tarmac for this became public. for a lot of people, it was an uncomfortable situation. in the attorney general herself admitted that it was not the best judgment to engage in a private meeting with someone who is related to a criminal investigation. nevada on caller from the democratic line. good morning to you. good morning, thank you for taking my call. i just wanted to say that i have been listening for 30 years to the right wing and republican party do everything they can to say that hillary clinton is bad, -- i did not see anybody investigating all the e-mails of any of these other former secretaries of state. i do not see any of these people -- everyeir families syllable, everything cut and
4:51 pm
dissected to try to find fault everywhere. want to mention, this response from hillary , he said spokesperson the right wing organization behind this lawsuit has been attacking the clintons since the 1990's, and a matter how this group tries to mischaracterize the documents, the fact remains that hillary clinton never took action as secretary of state because of donations to the clinton foundation. it is true that there is no direct link between a donation to the clinton foundation and an action that the state department took. what the critics are saying when they look at this is the overall pattern. each individual occurrence could possibly be explained by individual circumstances. but when you look at the pattern of donations to the clinton foundation, and the actions the state department took in some cases, it does raise a lot of
4:52 pm
questions. it is impossible to ignore that this has become such an issue for republicans because maybe one or two clinton says could have occurred, but certainly not dozens. host: you wrote a story with the headlines, five special clinton friends got state department axis. who did you find as the beneficiary? these five friends were people mentioned in the e-mails that came out this week. was a man named gilbert. a nigerian businessman born in lebanon. a very generous donor to the clinton foundation, and a supporter of the clintons lyrical campaign dating back to the 90's. here we have a clinton foundation official reaching up to the state department and asking that he be given immediate access to the state departments point man on lebanon.
4:53 pm
he is demanding that clinton's team accommodate him as quickly as they can. that is the thing that by itself might not be a big deal to her critics, but when you look at the fact that he was not the only clinton foundation donor given immediate, rushed access to high-level state department officials, that is the kind of thing that raises concerns about whether donors will be given access into the clinton administration. host: did the meeting ever occur? ms. westwood: we do not know. we only have the e-mails. one thing the clinton foundation has pointed out, you are only looking at fractions of communication, you have no idea. that is another reason this has not become a greater controversy because we are just getting tiny glimpses. host: let's hear from pennsylvania, michael on the republican line. good morning, michael.
4:54 pm
caller: thank you, thank you so much for sarah westwood's work as an investigative journalist. my question has to do with the number of investigative journalists, which has declined significantly in the last few years. it seems to me ironic that the only people bringing forth these suits now are judicial watch and organizations like that that have the clout to force the government to introduce some of these acts, to expose them. reason there are so few are investigative journalist like sarah and cheryl atkinson, in journalism today? on the freedom of information act, he is right.
4:55 pm
the law has been enforced in recent years so that it is almost impossible to force the government to give documents unless you have the resources to take the government to court and bring your request into litigation. openis the reason why records advocates have seek to reform. the president signed into law this year, we will see if it becomes a something that affects things. but if these to the fact that this administration has not been forthcoming when it comes to releasing documents that judicial watch has been in litigation over. this specific case, for years now. let it go received several bill in response tos a request they filed six years ago. they just receive them monday. it is difficult for small news outlets and freelance journalist to get documents because they do not have the money and time to take the government to court. host: next caller is jerry from baltimore, maryland calling.
4:56 pm
caller: thank you, c-span for taking my call. and please don't cut me off because you seem leaning toward the conservative view this morning. yourld like to challenge investigation as criminality. what you trying to do, expose all of our secrets? how the state department gathers information? benghazi was a cia operation at the state department guy fell upon that went very, very bad. stuff liketalk about investigative reporters back in the day -- this is not the pentagon papers or watergate. although the dnc hack is. this is rupert murdoch, convicted of hacking lady dies phones and other people's, using it as what?
4:57 pm
yellow, trashy journalism. host: we will leave it there. your response? not thinkod: i do hillary clinton would face this level of scrutiny if she were not running for president. if she had retired after eating secretary of state, i do not think people would dig through her e-mails. she is facing this level of scrutiny for a reason. people have real concerns on both sides of the aisle that hillary clinton may have mishandled classified information. even if you look at polls with likely democratic rollers, they supporter in spite of what took place, but they do have concerns about whether she had an inappropriate relationship with contributors to her family foundation, or whether she took the appropriate steps with sensitive material. this ifs to confront she wants to be president. i believe it is entirely relevant dual this type of microscope up to her activities. host: next caller from illinois
4:58 pm
on the independent line. i would like to say i am a big supporter of the idea of c-span and watch it regularly. my comment is, stories like this make the citizens lose confidence in our political system. and that is it. we will go now to minnesota, raymond on the republican line. there? are you host: we are there, turn down your tv. go ahead, raymond. i often vote republican, but i am more of an independent. because i like to vote for the person i can trust the most. donald trump give a speech in you can find it on politico, about 17 pages long.
4:59 pm
he talked about all the lies hillary has told. i shudder it to mike two brothers and got into an argument about benghazi. they got ugly with me because they thought it was the military's fault that hillary was asleep at 3:00 in the morning and should have been awake. the first i heard about the e-mails, when it came to light, current administration tried to lock up those e-mails for 75 years, we would be dead and gone by then and it would not affect the election. sarah, thatlier, there are still 30,000 e-mails yet to be opened, and won't be opened until after the election? i think they should be open because there may be sensitive information in their that could affect us
5:00 pm
how is this issue playing out on the campaign trail. sarah: it is one of donald trump's top attack lines against hillary clinton. he likes to joke that russia has them and iran has them and a lot of people have those e-mails according to donald trump. ballot are down the also using this against hillary right now. clinton giving hillary enough fodder to use against him that this hasn't been dominating the news cycle. thatent more time president obama founding isis than we did about the revelations that were contained in the e-mails. that was to her advantage to keep the pressure on donald trump. he can day more on message and make the case against her methodically losing -- using these e-mails. this could become a bigger problem for her.
5:01 pm
host: how many more e-mails either to be released? guest: the fbi has not made public the number of e-mails that they have. they said it is tens of thousands. we don't know if it is all 30,000. those are being turned over to the state department. we have e-mails from the ambassador who mara abbott the and her from her chief of staff who was also one of her top national security advisers. and also from cheryl mills. these e-mails this week for example, included hillary clinton but she did not turn them over to the state department. huma did. host: next from california. caller: my question is you spoke
5:02 pm
about hillary clinton's e-mails that have not been -- no one wants to point their finger at her and the -- to the public any good by asking the questions they should be asking. i want to know how could someone that works in the government have a private server in the house -- their house and do government business on it and how did the fbi, not even dig into how hillary clinton allowed private lawyers to go through her servers that also had government transactions on it. how do they get to decide what would be given to the fbi?
5:03 pm
guest: i see you are calling on the democratic line. does the revelation of what is in these e-mails impact how you see hillary clinton and how you might vote in november? caller: caller: i do a really good job of research. i am a democrat from california. the california ballots on the primary had not even been finished being counted when ap have the store the day before on msnbc when chris matthews said that they will call the election for hillary the day before. that takes away democracy in america. if my vote to this day in california, they cannot tell me whether my ballot has been counted yet. all of the balance of california
5:04 pm
-- ballots in california, people's votes have not even been counted. the people's vote, it doesn't even exist anymore. host: response? guest: the ap called the nomination the night before the california primary based on the support of superdelegates, not just on pledged delegates. that did make democrats angry because they thought the race in california was close. that might have affected the outcome, we will never know. this comes into the narrative that is clouding the democratic side, that the system was stacked in favor of hillary clinton because the media was complicit in her victory and all these arguments that
5:05 pm
progressives maker they are not entirely on valid from the e-mails that came out of the dnc had -- hack. this just makes it worse every time we learn about these host: pennsylvania on the republican line. good morning. caller: this is peter. i am calling in reference to the e-mails. i believe they are making such a big issue. the fbi agent in charge had no legal reason to have her indicted. she did admit it that she made mistakes. the e-mails were done by clayton powell, condoleezza rice. that was a procedure because it was convenient. it was a mistake, but they make it sound like she destroyed the world. none of her e-mails were found
5:06 pm
being hacked into. everything was done proper at the time -- improper at the time but it was a mistake. i guarantee this person have on today is a republican and i would be surprised if she was sent there by the republican party. host: that's peter from pennsylvania. guest: there have been comparisons made to condoleezza -- in: powell's case, his is a commercial e-mail account to send personal e-mails only occasionally. if you wanted to e-mail anyone
5:07 pm
outside the system you had to use a personal e-mail account, which was the way technology was at the time. the state department inspector general did find two e-mails in: pols box that should have been marked higher level. for hillary clinton, she controlled always records of the time. this is a different situation because of the volume of records and she kept outside of the government's custody. it was much more highly sensitive information. we don't have evidence that it was hacked, but we don't have evidence that it wasn't hack. the director said we wouldn't expect to see evidence that it was hacked. the network itself was vulnerable to cyber activity. host: james and ohio on the democratic line. good morning, james i go ahead.
5:08 pm
caller: a couple of things here. i think the state department or whomever is withholding e-mails is doing hillary clinton a disservice. i think it's republican-led that they don't want to release these e-mails because this becomes a story and they have been maintaining this for several years. they could have released these a long time ago and let people make a decision, that's one thing. then i'm looking at the things that were found in the e-mails, even the ones they said were classified. evidently they want anything that was affecting any security of the federal government. we talked about these servers in their home. part of that were people that did have their own private situations through the government.
5:09 pm
most of that stuff at that time was being tracked by the phone companies themselves. a private server -- i don't see it being that big of a deal other than the republican party made it the big of a deal, trying to destroy hillary clinton. they had been working on it for god knows, every -- ever since watergate. host: john from connecticut on the republican line. guest: it was referenced earlier but we don't know enough about the relationship between the clinton foundation and the state department to know that there was a crime committed. is that not why three separate fbi field offices recommended an official investigation be open into the clinton foundation? and obama shut that down. isn't there information we don't
5:10 pm
have that the fbi field agent saw that meant there was official corruption and criminal activity? what do we know about the fbi's efforts to look into specific -- specifically the relationship between the state department and the foundation? guest: the justice department looked at it and -- in may last year. they decided they didn't have enough evidence to move forward. then earlier this year, the fbi looked at it and said it wanted a public corruption case and three field officers were in agreement that a criminal investigation needed to be moving forward.
5:11 pm
they'd show concern even among justice department officials who some criticized for protecting hillary clinton. even these people wanted to move forward with the investigation of the foundation because there were questions about the legality of the foreign contributions to the charity. host: next caller is from washington, d.c. on the line. caller: thank you for c-span. i was wondering if you could have someone on the program to provide a balanced perspective. it seems to me that the discussion has been a little one-sided and unfounded allegations. host: just to let you know, we did show the response from hillary clinton's spokesperson and i will read it again for
5:12 pm
you. he said the right-wing organization behind the attacks on the clinton since the 1990's, no matter how they mischaracterize the documents, hillary clinton never took action as secretary of state on the foundation. guest: there's a reason why there's only one side of the story being told, because hillary clinton has received a press conference upwards of 250 days. she has been silent on this issue. heart of that is the strategy to prevent it from being legitimized by her addressing it had on.
5:13 pm
that silence has allowed the republicans to drive the conversation it -- the conversation. when she does come forward and speak about it, she parses her words so carefully some of the fact checkers say she is not being entirely truthful. that prevents the other side from being told. it is more for silence then republican driven story here. host: next caller is sandy from lexington, kentucky on the republican line. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. the problem here is not republican or democrat. it should be american problem and hillary like to line, not just about the servers, she lied about benghazi, she has been lying hurt career. -- her entire career. do we want someone with her character is president? i cannot believe the american people, some of them are even considering her.
5:14 pm
but the same people that put obama in there twice are going to be the same people that will elect hillary clinton, i'm afraid. host: just to let our viewers know, we did have a segment in which we invited ramey davis special counsel to bill clinton to come on washington journal and speak about this very issue. you can watch that on if you missed it. we are talking to serve westwood, and investigative reporter. next up angus. good morning. i should have sense enough not to put e-mail on a line that i think anybody can tap into. but yet hillary with the e-mail.
5:15 pm
how about the people she was eating -- involved with? doug to think they should be response about it too? host: that's angus from maryland. sarah, tell us about the rules and regulations around the use of a private server. was that allowed undersea department really -- regulations? guest: it was not allowed under those regulations. the inspector general went back and looked at this closely. because there were questions that were out there because hillary clinton said it was permitted under rules and the inspector general looked at this and said this is explicitly not allowed by state department policy.
5:16 pm
it wasn't against the law. it was against the interagency law -- rules about how they are supposed to conduct themselves. employees have been disciplined under hillary clinton. but she did not break criminal law. that is the distinction that has prevented her from being indicted when the justice department looked at this but has had her be reprimanded by the state department. host: greg on the independent line from jacksonville, florida. go ahead.
5:17 pm
caller: good morning. i am made -- i am a 37 year watcher c-span. it seems i'm mocking -- watching fox news this morning. there doesn't seem like there's any objectivity. mrs. clinton was the secretary of state. the whole operation and benghazi was a cia operation that hasn't been very -- covered very well by the news media. the second thing is the clintons have been in the news cycle over the last 35 years. still no criminal charges, no other charges have been brought down then the administrative impeachment of the president which he was tried in the house and senate and was acquitted. this host scenario that is going on again with the news media particular wanted to be right about this all e-mail saying, it is white ring -- white wing -- right-wing driven. i have been watching since i 279. i am just very surprised. thank you for taking my call.
5:18 pm
guest: this is a central issue is of her candidacy for president. when you are running for president, every thing you say and do comes over a microscope and this is a pretty big one. classified information was mishandled. the fbi has cleared her for no wrongdoing. these allegation that clinton foundation don't know -- donors were afforded special access to her agency under her leadership is relevant to voter answers -- voters because this is the way we can likely expect her administration to be conducted. you have to take a look at this and in the context of are we going to put this person in the white house and are we going to persist? there was no illegal activity that took place but you have to question the ethical realities of what happened. host: we have time for one last caller, sandra from grapevine, texas.
5:19 pm
guest: caller: i would like to say to the young lady that's talking, i 30 with the gentleman -- i agree with the gentleman where this seems to be like another level witchhunt from fox news. but also, what makes it any more important than the 5000 men and men who were lost -- and women who are lost? guest: i would say that the benghazi situation has been played pretty hard by republicans to the point where i don't think it is much of an issue for her anymore with the conclusion of the investigation.
5:20 pm
that's not something that you hear talk about anymore. but the other situation where there are still loose and -- ends, you can expect to hear more on them. host: thank you for joining us. guest: thank you for having me.


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